Home Remedies tips for Dry Hair

Is your hair going dry? This is for Dry hair remedy


Is your hair going dry? This is for Dry hair remedy

Dry hair remedy

Guys, does your hair look dry? Do you stumble into not being able to fix it? Here are some home remedies for you. You can fix your dry hair with homemade products.

  • Take homemade butter and massage it on your dry hair, soak for half an hour and shampoo as usual. You will see shiny hair visually.
  • Take a avocado and mash it well and add egg with it. Apply it on wet hair as it is. Soak for more than 20 minutes and wash your hair to get soft hair.
  • Add olive oil to egg white and apply on hair. Rinse with cold water after twenty minutes. Then look at your hair.
  • Olive oil is also to be the best remedy for dry hair. Take half a cup of olive oil over medium heat and rub in the hair. Shampoo after three-quarters of an hour to get shiny hair.
  • You can fix your dry hair with aloe gel. Rub aloe  gel on the hair follicles. This prevents it from entering the hair follicles and drying out the hair. After applying aloe gel let it soak for an hour. Then rinse with soap. You will notice a wonderful change in the hair.

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