Buy Affordable and High-Quality Water Tank Alarms.


Buy Affordable and High-Quality Water Tank Alarms.

Stay in control of your water supply with reliable water tank alarms. Get instant alerts and peace of mind to prevent overflow or shortages. Explore our water tank alarm solutions today.

What is Water Tank Alarms?

Water is a resource that we depend on every day yet frequently take for granted. Whether it’s for drinking, cooking, bathing, or other household tasks, access to a reliable water supply is crucial. However, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted water supply can sometimes be challenging, especially in areas with irregular water distribution or when relying on tanks or reservoirs to store water. This is where a “water tank alarm” comes into play.

A water tank alarm is a valuable device designed to monitor and alert individuals or organizations about the water level in their storage tanks or reservoirs. It serves as a proactive solution to prevent water shortages, save resources, and ensure a constant supply of water for various needs.

In this article, we will delve deeper into what a water tank alarm is, how it works, and why it is essential in today’s world.

How it is working?

A water tank alarm is a specialized device used to monitor and manage water levels in storage tanks or reservoirs. Its primary purpose is to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted supply of water for various domestic, industrial, or agricultural purposes.

These alarms typically consist of sensors placed within the tank or reservoir to measure water levels accurately. When the water level reaches a predefined threshold, the alarm triggers, sending alerts through various means such as audible alarms, SMS notifications, or mobile apps.

Water tank alarms serve several critical functions, including preventing water shortages, conserving resources, and avoiding damage to pumping systems caused by dry running. They are particularly valuable in regions with irregular water supply or where reliance on stored water is common.

Additionally, these devices can help in efficient water management and contribute to sustainable water usage practices. Overall, water tank alarms play a vital role in ensuring a reliable water supply and preventing potential disruptions due to fluctuating water levels in storage tanks.

Affordable water tank alarms for sale:

Swarn Jal®(Model : AquaIndicator) Water Tank Overflow and Empty Alarm with 4 Level Indicator,

  • 220 Volt AC Powered,
  • Shock Proof,
  • Adapter & Cable Included,
  • Brass Sensors,
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Swarn Jal ® (Model: Aqua Voice 20 M) Water Tank Overflow Alarm,

  • Cell Powered,
  • Loud Human Voice,
  • Brass Sensors,
  • 100% Shock Proof,
  • 1 Year Cell Life,
  • One Year Complete Guarantee (Aqua Voice + 20 Meter High Quality Extension Wire PVC Jacketed)

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SensaSwitch Overflow Control Alarm with Water Sensor Set,

  • Fixed Volume Musical Alarm,
  • White Plastic,
  • Model-OCA

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Swarn Jal® (Model: Aquasense/Indicator with Dual Alarm)

Water Tank Overflow and Empty Alarm with 4 Level Indicator,

  • No Electricity Requirement, 
  • Cell Powered, Shock Proof,
  • Brass Sensors,
  • Single Pair Cable for Transmission.

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